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Air Conditioning Car Repair: Signs to Lookout for

AC is probably the most fragile element of a car, which requires proper maintenance and care over time. It is something you should never neglect unless you are ready to spend a fortune in its repair. Yes! You read it right; the air conditioning repair shop charges a lot to service the AC unit; you’ll end up breaking the bank if the malfunction is too hard to repair.
Now you must be thinking, how would someone know if their car’s AC needs maintenance?”, firstly, that a legit question, and secondly, you don’t have to worry about it, because the answer is given down below.

Here are some signs that you should look at to see if your car’s AC needs servicing and maintenance:

  • If the air isn’t coming out
This is hands down the most common issue car owners face. All you have to do is turn ON the AC; if nothing happens, then it’s a sign of a major component failure. The AC unit consists of Condenser, Compressor, Accumulator (receiver dryer), Evaporator, and Expansion valve. If any of these components stopped working, you’d have to invest in air conditioning car repair straight away.  

  • See if the air is warm, not cold 
If the AC unit is throwing off warm air instead of cold, it’s a sign that something’s wrong with the condenser. You see, a condenser’s job is to cool off the air that is used to make your car’s air cold in the evaporator. This issue generally happens when the coils get dirty, or the fan stops working. 

  • Check if the air is blowing in intervals 
This is one issue that most people face, especially when they go on a long drive. AC units from out of nowhere stop working, making a mess out of the trip. Whenever something like this happens, we advise you to look for an “ac repair shop near me” straight away. 

 The Verdict 

If you notice any of the issues happening in your car’s AC unit, then make sure to head to the nearest air conditioning repair shop straightaway. 




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